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Welcome to RevelUp Advisors

RevelUp Advisors is a strategy consulting firm that specializes in driving success for early and growth stage cybersecurity companies. Our tailored services and seasoned experts help businesses achieve their revenue potential and realize sustainable growth.


Fractional Chief Revenue Officer  service offers experienced revenue leaders on a part-time or project basis. We collaborate to develop and execute revenue strategies, optimize sales operations, and drive growth. 

GTM Advisory services optimize go-to-market strategies by identifying target markets, refining value propositions, and designing effective sales and marketing approaches. We streamline processes to reduce friction and accelerate growth.

RevOps Strategies enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue growth by streamlining sales, marketing, and customer success functions. We optimize processes, align technology, and foster collaboration to fuel your business's growth trajectory.

Advisory Board services offer a growth-minded member who provides strategic guidance, insights, and expertise to drive revenue and business success. With our support, you identify opportunities, manage risks, and optimize revenue initiatives.


Founder Story

RevelUp Advisors was founded by Patrick Sheehan, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of sales leadership and executive experience. Patrick's deep understanding of revenue generation and proven track record of driving business growth make him a valuable asset to our clients. 

Career Profile:

Experience Matters

Boot Strapped Startup

Early Stage Cyber

Creating a Unicorn

RevelUp Revelations

Buyer Experience - Buyers want to buy, not be sold. Successful organizations achieve accelerated growth by training their B2B sellers to empower buyers through active listening, offering relevant solutions, and sharing how other clients have achieved successful outcomes. This cultivates a collaborative environment where buyers feel confident and supported in making informed decisions.